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How to use this Website?

This website is for medical and paramedical professionals working in the field of spinal cord injuries. It contains learning modules for the whole team as well as for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, assistive technologists, social workers, psychologists and peer counsellors. The modules are intended for medical and paramedical students and junior clinicians. Others who have yet not assimilated sufficient knowledge on comprehensive management.

Occupational Therapists & Assistive Technologists

Learn about SCI occupational therapy

The occupational therapy and assistive technology module covers 5 topics including assessment, setting goals, formulating treatment plans and administering interventions. The submodules include videos, case studies and interactive activities.

The module focuses on occupational therapy skills which are specific to spinal cord injuries. It encourages learners to problem solve and use local materials and resources for aids to assist independence.

Subcommittees and Subcommittee Coordinators

Name Country
Liz Abraham Australia
David Simpson Australia
Alanna Finnan Australia
Nekram Upadhyay India
Sub Committee Members
Cathy Cooper Australia
Diana Sigrist Switzerland
Susila Medis Sri Lanka
Tuenchai Attawong Thailand
Anshu Bhalla India
Ehsunul Ambia Canada
J H M S Jayaweera Sri Lanka
Siobhan Long Ireland
Mr.Md.Iqbal Hossain Bangladesh
Danielle Collins Australia
Cecilia Lopez Chile
Elma Burger South Africa
Tomasz Tasiemski Poland
Rory Cooper USA
Nandana Welage Sri Lanka
Priyantha Peiris Sri Lanka
Apichana Kovindha Thailand
Jamie Noon USA
Md.Manzurul Karim Anu Bangladesh
Samima Akter Ripa Bangladesh
Aurelian Anghelescu Romania
Gelu Onose Romania
Siobhan Long Ireland
Christl Wittmann Germany
Diana Sigrist-Nix Switzerland
William Waring USA
B. Mohapatra India
Pallav Bhatia India
Dorothee Riedel Sweden
Victoria Sim Australia/Bangladesh
Cindy Hartley USA