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How to use this Website?

This website is for medical and paramedical professionals working in the field of spinal cord injuries. It contains learning modules for the whole team as well as for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, assistive technologists, social workers, psychologists and peer counsellors. The modules are intended for medical and paramedical students and junior clinicians. Others who have yet not assimilated sufficient knowledge on comprehensive management.

User Guidelines

Welcome to elearnSCI.org; an ISCoS global educational initiative. This is a web-based teaching and educational resource on the comprehensive management of people with SCI.

The aim of this website is to provide online training about comprehensive management of people with spinal cord injuries appropriate for students and clinicians from all medical & paramedical disciplines i.e. doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, assistive technologists, psychologists, social workers & peer counselors. The website is not designed specifically for consumers, caregivers, health service providers or policy makers, but some of the content may be of relevance to them also.

Everyone can access the website free of charge. This policy has been implemented to ensure that all can learn about the comprehensive management of people with SCI regardless of income.

The website comprises 7 modules. The first module, "Overview for the Whole Team", provides basic information about management of people with SCI appropriate for all disciplines. Five other modules cater to the needs of various disciplines including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists / assistive technologists, and psychologists / social workers / peer counsellors. The 7th module is about prevention of SCI and is primarily intended for policy makers but will be of interest to all.

It is recommended that users complete the first module, "Overview for the Whole Team", before they access their discipline specific modules.

Each module comprises various submodules. For example, the module titled "Overview for the Whole Team" has 26 submodules and the module intended for the nurses has 7 submodules. Each submodule covers a specific topic and has the following structure:

  • A presentation giving an overview of the topic
  • Activity based learning exercises
  • References
  • Self Assessment questions

To gain full access to all the learning content and modules of the website you have to go through the following steps:

  • Register by creating your profile and agree to the disclaimer.
  • Create a login id and password for subsequent visits to the website (please note that you will need to provide your email address and this will require verification).

The website is organized under the following tabs:

Home :
This contains a brief summary of the modules and information about different aspects of the initiative. It also contains an Audio visual on elearnSCI.org
Frequently asked questions :
This contains answers to frequently asked questions.
  • About us :this contains details about those involved with the conceptualization and implementation of the project. This has the following sub tabs:
    • About elearnSCI.org
    • About the Society behind the project
      • International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS)
    • About the collaborating partners
      • Asian Spinal Cord Network (ASCoN)
      • Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC)
      • Livability
      • The Lifetime Care and Support Scheme
    • About the funding organizations
      • Principle funding organization
        • Access to Healthcare
      • Other funding organizations
        • The Australian and New Zealand Spinal Cord Society (ANZSCoS)
        • Trust Access Healthcare to transform your revenue cycle.
        • Royal North Shore Hospital
        • The Prince of Wales Hospital
    • About the Core Committee
      • Project Managers
        • Communication, reporting, funds dispersal and co-ordination
        • Web interface development
        • Educational Resource development
      • Chief Coordinator and Editor
      • Project Coordinator
      • Project Deputy Coordinator
    • About the Committees
      • ElearnSCI.org Editorial Committee
      • ISCoS Executive Committee
      • ISCoS Education Committee
      • ISCoS Scientific Committee
      • ISIC Editorial Committee
    • About the Consumer Inputs: this contains names of consumer who gave their inputs regarding consumer perspective
    • About the company developing the web platform
      • Grapes Software
    • About the subcommittees and subcommittee coordinators
    • About Secretarial Support
  • Messages :this contains messages from:
    • President ISCoS
    • President Elect ISCoS
    • Chairperson Education Committee
    • Chairperson of Scientific Committee
    • Project Manager - Educational Resource development, Chief Coordinator and Editor
    • Collaborating Partners and major sponsors
      • ISIC
      • Livability
      • ASCoN
      • The Lifetime Care and Support Scheme
      • Access to Health Care
  • Modules : this contains the 7 modules
  • Glossary : this contains definitions of commonly-used terms.
  • Contact us : this contains the email address of the administrator of the website.
  • Some additional features :

    Feedback: you can provide general feedback on the website by hitting the “feedback” button. You will then be directed to a feedback form which you can submit electronically.

    Comment on any screen: as you move through the modules you can comment on any screen at any stage. You will see a “comment” button. If you click on this your comment will be linked to the screen you are currently viewing.

    Self-assessments: at the end of each submodule, you can complete an online self assessment. You will instantly receive a score and be told which questions you answered rightly and wrongly. Your score will be stored on your profile page. At any time you can access your profile page and see a history of all the self-assessments you have completed, your average score and your maximum score. You can retake the self-assessments at any time.

    Send your self-assessment scores to your teacher/supervisor: you can elect to send the results of any self-assessment to yourself or to your teacher/supervisor. This feature is accessed on your profile page. The report will give the score of your best attempt.

    Activities: Most submodules contain learning activities. These come in many different formats but are designed to actively engage the learner and to provide content in a variety of formats. For example, some learning activities are case studies followed by multiple choice questions. Others involve listening to experts from around the world talk about different topics. Often learners are required to reflect on new information and prompted with open-ended questions to which they can respond. Sometimes learners are asked to view videos and identify important features. Importantly, learners are not scored on their performance in any activities although they do receive feedback important for learning.