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How to use this Website?

This website is for medical and paramedical professionals working in the field of spinal cord injuries. It contains learning modules for the whole team as well as for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, assistive technologists, social workers, psychologists and peer counsellors. The modules are intended for medical and paramedical students and junior clinicians. Others who have yet not assimilated sufficient knowledge on comprehensive management.


On behalf of the ASCoN executive committee and its member organisations I welcome you to this unique and ground breaking elearning educational tool.  ASCoN is very proud to have been a collaborating partner in the conception, design and implementation of this project that has resulted in this comprehensive educational tool -www.elearnsci.org  

ASCoN consists of a group of organisations in the Asia region that have come together to share and learn from each other in all aspects of spinal cord injury management, from initial treatment of the patient to re-integration of the person. 

The Network was formed in 2001 against a backdrop where people sustaining spinal injury in Asia often did not survive due to limited access to adequate healthcare and rehabilitation. Although the situation since then has definitely improved, much more still needs to be done.  For example, a recent study suggests that 30% of people with SCI still die as a result of complications within 3 years of injury.  ASCoN will continue to challenge this scenario and will support the creation of an environment where people with spinal injury can survive and live healthy and inclusive lives within their own communities. We are committed to strengthening spinal injury services across the Asian region. Central to this is finding innovative and cost effective ways to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of SCI practitioners.

We are delighted that our members and all those working in the field now have a comprehensive educational resource that covers all aspects of comprehensive SCI management and rehabilitation. We expect the educational resource will have widespread appeal to SCI professionals, students and organisations involved in SCI care provision and education.  We are also delighted that such a quality resource will be available free of charge and ASCoN will now actively promote and disseminate the resource with the support of its 85 members in 15 countries across Asia.

ASCoN is grateful to ISCoS for leading this educational initiative and to its members and the other resource persons across the globe who gave their time freely to develop the content. We are grateful to Livability for project management and coordination and to Lisa Harvey and her team in Australia for technical and project management support throughout the project. We also extend our gratitude to Grapes Software Pvt. Ltd for developing a quality and interactive website.

Special thanks must go to one of ASCoN's founding members, the Indian Spinal Injury
Centre, and to Dr Chhabra and his team for their extraordinary efforts in making www.elearnsci.org  a reality. Their endless energy and commitment displayed is highly commendable and the resulting impact will spread well beyond the ASCoN region.

Nothing in this world stands still and likewise SCI care and practice will continue to evolve and develop. So too will this resource. You have an important part to play and we value and encourage your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Maggie Muldoon
ASCoN Secretary