Past President ISCoS
Welcome to all users of the e-learning website on the management and rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury.

The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) is delighted at the possibility of providing you with this freely downloadable web-based teaching and educational e-learning tool on the comprehensive management of individuals with spinal cord injury.

This e-learning tool provides basic information to the whole team responsible for the care, treatment, training, overall rehabilitation and life-long follow-up of individuals with spinal cord injuries worldwide.

We also invite all of you to be critique this new development, and help us to make it better for future users. Thus, as and when new knowledge emerges there will be a need to upgrade this tool. We hope many of you will take part in this process to make this e-learning facility living and dynamic.

ISCoS would also like to thank all those who have worked hard so far, to make this possible, not least the editors, coordinators and working members of the various committees. ISCoS is also thankful for the major work done by the Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Livability Ireland, Asian Spinal Cord Network, and Rehabilitation Studies Unit, University of Sidney, Australia as well as for the financial support received from Access to Healthcare.

Prof. Fin Biering-Sørensen
Past President ISCoS