Learn about SCI consumer

This module has been developed for and in close collaboration with the SCI consumers. Education about the injury is an important component of a comprehensive rehabilitation for person with SCI. The sub-modules shall guide the SCI consumers with basic information related to the injury. The content has been developed keeping in mind that the audience won’t be limited to any region (global audience) and the level of literacy, knowledge, maturity, awareness, and resources would be of extreme variance. Effort has been made for maximum use of pictures/images/videos to make it easier to understand.

List of Sub Committee members:

1. Outcomes in SCI

Name Country
Kimberly Anderson USA
Sub Committee Members
Ruth Marshal Australia
Rajesh Sharawat India
Vishwajeet Singh India
Kalyan Varma India
Ankur Nanda India
Gururaj M Sangodimath India
María Berrera Chacón Spain
Athanasios Kyriakides Greece
Prof Khin Myo Hla Myanmar
Müfit Akyüz Turkey
Melanie Harding South Africa
Shirley Eberlein South Africa

2. Bowel Care

Name Country
Srikumar V India
Sub Committee Members
Margarita Valles -
Nguyen Thi Kim Lien Vietnam
Farooq Azam Rathore Pakistan
Tarafder Sunil Kumar Bangladesh
S L Yadav India
Neeraj Gupta India
Tarush Rastogi India
Rafiq Bhat India
Sandesh Pacha India
Marianna Fragkaki Greece
Lluisa Montesinos i Magraner Spain
J Gabriel Previnaire France
Mandira Baniya Nepal
Monica Agotegaray Argentina
Zuhal Özişler Turkey
Vee Wilson South Africa

3. Skin Care & Pressure Ulcer Management

Name Country
Fiona Stephenson -
Sub Committee Members
Firas Sarhan UK
Nguyen Thi Kim Lien Vietnam
Neetu Maitra India
Tarafder Sunil Kumar Bangladesh
Ajith Kithsiri -
Rajat Mahajan India
Vikas Tandon India
Abhinandan Mallepally Reddy India
Mayank India
Aggeliki Stavrianou Greece
Julia Patrick Malaysia
Ridvan Alaca Turkey
Vee Wilson South Africa


ISIC Editorial Committee

1 H S Chhabra
2 K Das
3 B Mohaptra
4 Ankur Nanda
5 Vikas Tandon
6 Gururaj Sangodimath
7 M L Bansal
8 Rajat Mahajan
9 Abinandan Mallepally Reddy
10 Mayank Gupta
11 Sandesh Pacha
12 Rafiq Bhat
13 Kalyan Varma
14 Anuj Gupta
15 Sreejith Menon
16 Mohit Muttha
17 Sulaiman Shawl
18 Abhinav Gupta
19 Gaurav Sachdev
20 Rajesh Sharawat
21 Teena Joseph
22 Smita Acharya